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Uploaded by: JANESSA - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. bengali script of bengali script of mahabharat by rajshekhar basu Hsc Bangla. The Mahabharat is one of the major Indian hero-epics, narrative of the Kurukshetra War and the fates of the Kauravas and the Pandava princes. 2 মে Kashidashi Mahabharat (কাশীদাসী মহাভারত)-Kashidashi (কাশীরাম দাস). Identifier KashidashiMahabharat. Identifier-arkark://t8jd7h

Now in an emotional appeal to the elders present in the forum, Draupadi repeatedly questions the legality of the right of Yudhishthira to place her at stake. In order to provoke the Pandavas further, Duryodhana bares and pats his thigh looking into Draupadi's eyes, implying that she should sit on his thigh.


In rage Bhima vows in front of the entire assembly that he would break that thigh of Duryodhana, or accept being Duryodhana's slave for seven lifetimes. At this time Vikarna , a brother of Duryodhana asks the kings assembled in the court to answer the question of Draupadi.

He gives his opinion that Draupadi is not won rightfully as Yudhishthira lost himself first before staking her. Besides, no one has right to put a woman on bet according to shastras; not a husband, father, or even the gods. Hearing these words, Karna gets angry and says that when Yudhishthira lost all his possession he also lost Draupadi, even specifically staking her. He orders Dushasana to take away the rich garments of Pandavas and Draupadi.

A miracle occurs henceforward, which is popularly attributed to Krishna. Dushasana unwraps layers and layers of her sari. As her sari keeps getting extended, everyone looks upon in awe, and Dushasana himself is forced to stop due to exhaustion. This vow unsettles the entire court. The only Kauravas who object to the disrobing of Draupadi in the court are Vikarna and Vidura. Vidura openly calls Duryodhana a snake and a demon, but after finding no support even from his own brother, Vidura is helpless.

Karna further orders Dushasana to take Draupadi to the servants' quarters and derisively asks her to choose another husband who unlike Yudhistira would not gamble her away.

Just then, jackals call out as a mark of evil omen. Queen mother Gandhari enters the scene and counsels Dhritarashtra to undo her sons' misdeeds.

Kashidashi Mahabharat (কাশীদাসী মহাভারত)

Fearing the ill-omens, Dhritarashtra intervenes and grants Draupadi a boon. Draupadi asks that her husband Yudisthir be freed from bondage so her son Prativindhya would not be called a slave.

In order to pacify her further, Dhritarashtra offers a second boon. Calmly, she asks for the freedom of the Pandavas along with their weapons. When Dhritarashtra asks her for her third wish, she reminds him that a kshatriya woman can seek only two wishes, three would be a sign of greed. Dhristarashtra gives them back their wealth, and grants them permission to go home. Amused by the sudden turn of events, Karna remarks that they "have never heard of such an act, performed by any of the women noted in this world for their beauty.

Yudhishtira yet again accepts the invitation and loses, and goes on an exile with his brothers and wife Draupadi. Living in exile[ edit ] Abduction by Jayadratha[ edit ] Draupadi taken to forest by Simhika, who plans to kill her While the Pandavas were in the Kamyaka forest, they often went hunting, leaving Draupadi alone.

At this time Jayadratha , the son of Vriddhakshatra and the husband of Duryodhana's sister Dussala , passed through Kamyaka forest on the way to Salwa Desa.

Jayadratha met Draupadi and then started beseeching her to go away with him and desert her husbands. Draupadi pointed out the immorality of deserting one's spouses when they were in difficulty, and attempted to stall and dissuade Jayadradtha by describing how the Pandavas would punish him.

Failing with words, Jayadratha forced her onto his chariot. Meanwhile, the Pandavas finished their hunt and found Draupadi missing. Learning of their wife's abduction by Jayadratha they rushed to save her.

On seeing the Pandavas coming after him, Jayadratha left Draupadi on the road, though ultimately the Pandavas managed to arrest him. Yudhishthira urged Bhima to spare Jayadratha's life for the sake of Dussala and Gandhari , much to the indignation of Draupadi. In some versions of the story, Yudhishthira asks Draupadi to pass the sentence since it was she who was attacked, and she begrudgingly counsels to spare him because of the relations they share.

Before freeing him, the Pandavas shaved Jayadratha's head at five places in order to publicly humiliate him. One day Kichaka , and the commander of king Virata 's forces, happened to see Draupadi.

He was filled with lust by looking at her and requested her hand in marriage. Draupadi refused him, saying that she was already married to Gandharvas.

She warned Kichaka that her husbands were very strong and that he would not be able to escape death at their hands. Later, he forced his sister, the queen Sudeshna , to help him win Draupadi.

Sudeshana ordered Draupadi to fetch wine from Kichaka's house, overriding Draupadi's protests. When Draupadi went to get wine, Kichaka tried to molest her.

Draupadi escaped and runs into the court of Virata. Kichaka kicked her in front of all the courtiers, including Yudhishthira. Fearful of losing his most powerful warrior, even Virat did not take any action. Bhima is present, and only a look from Yudhishthira prevents him from attacking Kichaka. Furious, Draupadi asked about the duties of a king and dharma.

A gripping story of hermit Ashwatthama's conversion into an avenger.

Tomari Naam Karna Karna is your name Based on the self-destructive struggle of illegitimate Karna against his environs, his near and dear ones, the mystery of his birth and his own conflicts. The novel presents a Karna of flesh and blood, very much alive in our own society. Pitamaha Bhishma Grandfather Bhishma The complete Bhishma - ascetic, politician, diplomat and manipulator, above all, a remarkable man of flesh and blood.

Amba and Dwaipayan entered the life of this guardian of Hastinapur through the fissure of his vow to gratify his father. They ruined his life, but none could even catch a glimpse of his agonized heart atoning for his errors of commission and omission.

Ashramkanya Shakuntala Shakuntala, daughter of a hermitage Bold and full of self-respect, she rears her child without anyone's help like a modern woman who knows how to rebel, true to herself. A loving brother sacrificed himself for the sake of his sister and his land. A new Shakuni is shown here. Dwaipayane Duryodhan Duryodhana in Dwaipayana Faulty strategy brought about the fall or Duryodhana in the battle of Kurukshetra.

He learnt from his mistakes in order to turn over a new leaf, but his fate is battle, not victory. Yet, the darkness of Fate did not engulf his great and noble life. How inveterate was the longing of this changed Pritha for becoming a king's mother and her lust for vengeance!

Stopping at nothing to achieve her victory, she pauperises herself remorse makes her existence pitiable. The collection also includes "Kuntir Tarjani" Kunti's warning. Agnigarbha Khandav Smouldering Khandav The exploited and oppressed Nag tribes of Khandav forest driven out from their land launch terrorist attacks on the Pandava kingdom, killing their king Parikshit through a suicide squad.

The Mahabharata has immensely influenced bangla literature.

It is regarded by the common people as a source of pleasure, moral lessons and solace at times of trials and tribulations. The Mahabharata has been translated into almost all the regional Indian languages, including Bangla. With each translator bringing his own perception of life, social consciousness and individual composing skills, these translations become almost original poems.

There were several Bangla translators of the Mahabharata, dating from the 16th century.

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This is a fairly brief version and uses the traditional payara couplet and tripadi an arrangement of lines into sets of three. Kavindra Parameshwar was the court poet of paragal khan , the ruler of chittagong , and he composed the poem at his ruler's command. Accordingly, his version is also known as Paragali Mahabharata. A poet named Sanjay, a contemporary of Kavindra, also translated the Mahabharata.

Some believe Sanjay's version is the older of the two.

Kashidashi Mahabharat (কাশীদাসী মহাভারত)

However, as these two versions are almost the same, some critics believe Kavindra and Sanjay - of whom nothing is known - to be the same person.

Nityananda Ghosh's Mahabharata c 16th century used to be popular, but has now been replaced in popularity by Kashiram Das's version. Kashiram Das's Mahabharata, called the Kashidasi Mahabharata c 17th century after him, is much longer than the Kavindra Mahabharata.

The Mahabharata was also translated into Bangla prose by kali prasanna singh and rajshekhar basu in the 19th century. Around this time some writers also translated the epic into English.

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Many poets translated parts of the Mahabharata. Other sections of the epic were also translated, such as the Vana parva, describing the sojourn in the forest, by Ramsarasvati, court poet of the king of Cooch Bihar, and Naladamayanti Upakhyan the story of Nala and Damayanti , by Pitambar Das. Toggle navigation Banglapedia.The Mahabharata has been translated into almost all the regional Indian languages, including Bangla.

Their writings are mostly incomplete for that they did not get much publicity in the well-public society. Later on, he went back to Hastinapur, and expressed his immense agony on witnessing the riches of the Pandavas to his blind father, which was the root cause for inviting his cousins for the dice-game. The Bhagavad Gita also referred to as Gita, is a —verse Dharmic scripture that is part of the ancient Sanskrit epic Mahabharata.

This great epic has inspired people of all ages, and all religions and cultures. In the political gambling she stands as a stake to ensure Yudhisthira's final victory, a sacrifice to political skulduggery. In order to pacify her further, Dhritarashtra offers a second boon. On the other hand, the malicious and immoral Duryodhana and the evil genius Shakuni appear as symbols of greed, lust, and villainy. Many poets translated parts of the Mahabharata.